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W&W Nano Max 25"/27" Riser

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Product Details

2015 WIAWIS NANO MAX riser developed by WIN&WIN�s carbon technology is excellent to absorb shock and minimizes unnecessary movement that makes shooting more accurate and stable. WIAWIS NANO MAX moved 30% more weight to the front side of the grip to reduce unnecessary movement and vibration transferred from shooting shock remarkably. WIAWIS NANO MAX shows how important well weight balance on the riser is for stable shooting.

WIAWIS NANO MAX riser adapted Nano carbon technology as the world first !

WIN&WIN already proved the excellent performance of Nano carbon through the present WIN&WIN limbs. Nano carbon is superior on stiffness and when mixing with carbon fibers, its adhesive strength increases durability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Riser length: 25 (1320g)
  • Models: RH / LH
  • Materials: Carbon Graphite / Nano Carbon


  • RH Black/Blue
  • RH Black/Orange
  • RH Black/Pink
  • RH Black/Red
  • RH Black/Yellow
  • RH White/Green
  • RH White/Pink
  • LH Black/Blue
  • LH Black/Orange
  • LH Black/Pink
  • LH Black/Red
  • LH Black/Yellow
  • LH White/Green
  • LH White/Pink
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