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Custom Dacron Recurve/Longbow String

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Recommended strand count:

  • 10 strand B50 Dacron for bows up to 30#
  • 12 strands B50 Dacron for bows up to 40#
  • 14 strands B50 Dacron for bows above 40#

Constructed of Dacron Bow String Material

6" End Serving

7" Centre Serving.

Actual String Length is the length of the string itself, not Bow Length.

For ILF/Olympic recurves, it is generally bow length minus ~3.25".

For Formula bows it is bow length minus 3". (For example: 68" bow = 65" actual string length.)

For longbows, it is generally bow length minus 3".


If using Border HEX 5 or HEX 6 limbs, please let us know as it requires a small change to our string making procedure.

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