Frequently asked questions


Where can I pick-up/drop-off orders?

Available pickup/drop-off locations: - The Archer's Workshop, Machine & Maintanence Shop (Chatswood, NSW) - Sydney Uni Archery Club (Camperdown, NSW) - Sydney Olympic Park Archers (Homebush, NSW)

I am after something that you do not stock. Are you able to get it?

We have several suppliers in the USA and Europe so we are able to order in anything that they have. This includes entire bows, arrows and other shooting gear. Please contact us with your order requests. Be advised, there will be waiting times for the item to be shipped from overseas.

How long do Special Orders take?

Special Order items, if they are in stock with our suppliers will arrive in approximately 1-2 weeks. Our suppliers may take a few days to process and ship the order to us. As we use air freight to receive special orders, it may take a few days for the packages to be shipped across the world and processed in several sorting facitlies along the way. Due to the COVID-19 situation, shipping times for Special Orders is closer to about 2 weeks.

Order Status

What does Awaiting Processing mean?

Awaiting Processing are orders placed but have not been confirmed by our staff yet. With Special Order items, we will be confirming its avaialbitlity from our suppliers.

What does Processing mean?

Orders listed under process are currently packed and awaiting shipping/postage. If you have a Special Order item/s, it will mean that we have placed the order for it with our suppliers and is currently being shipped to our workshop.

What does Shipped mean?

Do you really need to ask? Be sure to check your tracking number. (May not be avaiable for really small parcels)